The Planners: Twitter reacts

Earlier today, Planning broke the news that a new fly-on-the-wall documentary that promises to ‘lift the lid’ on the work of council planning officers will be shown on BBC2 next week. The story has generated huge interest, sparking a lively debate on Twitter this afternoon. We’ve used Storify to highlight a selection of your comments:

Twitter reacts to news of planning TV series

News that council planning officers are to be the subject of a new fly-on-the-wall BBC documentary caused a stir on Twitter this afternoon. View a selection of tweets below:

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BBC documentary The Planners airs next week. Wonder where it will cast an unfavourable light? @PlanningMagCamargue
Set your skyplus @char_mcauley! "@PlanningMag New BBC reality show promises to ‘reveal the secrets’ of council planners"Kate Healey
Via @PlanningMag New BBC reality show to ‘reveal the secrets’ of council planners. Alarming for residents or the planners?Stop the waste plant
8 hours watching planners? 8 Hours? your joking? id rather witch Miranda.Ebenezor Howerd
@ebenezor mute the sound, hit the Benny Hill theme tune and go….it’ll be exciting!Planner in Boots
BBC2’s 8-part (really?) series The Planners starts next wk. Hope they will focus on more than house extensions.
@Quodplanning Lord Taylor’s been asked by the govt to bring it down to 2 episodesSimon Ricketts
@sricketts1 @Quodplanning Is 25% of the licence fee income going to the community for "whatever the hell they want"? #BolesBungNigel Hewitson
@sricketts1 If it goes over 8 weeks we can always appealQuod
An 8 hour tv series on planners? How about a 1 hour show on the big problems they are trying to tackle, like undersupply of housing?Jamie Sullivan
@NigelHewitsonNR @sricketts1 @Quodplanning Special measures will allow you to go direct to BBC Four although no appeal to David AttenboroughDavid Merson
@DavidMerson @sricketts1 @Quodplanning In any event permission may be subject to a Channel 106 agreement (#BBC3 on #Virgin I think)Nigel Hewitson

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    Double shots for “on balance……..”